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Château du Moulin


 The "Chateau du Moulin" has been erected at the end of the XVth century by Jacques de Persigny, following the order of Philippe du Moulin who saved the life of King Charles the VIIIth of France at the battle of Fornoue (Italy) and was ennobled on the the battle field. Hidden in the heart of the forests of Sologne,  the castle is surrounded by water, where it reflects its architecture of pink bricks, white corner stones and slates covered elegant roofs.

The castle is inhabited and entirely furnished.



The "Conservatoire de la Fraise" is located in the park and the large kitchen-garden of the castle. Its sight is justified by the large production of strawberries in the surrounding region.

The Conservatoire tries to offer a visit which is at the same time a game and keeps a pedagogical view on strawberries culture. More than 40 different species of strawberries, old, rare or outstanding are grown in the garden.

Children and grown-ups will enjoy "le Jeu de Dame-Fraise".

Château du Moulin - Conservatoire de la Fraise
41230  Lassay-sur-Croisne
Tél. : 00 33 (0)2 54 83 90 64
Web :


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