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  • Blois - 'St Nicolas' tour

    Length of the route : 1.8 km

    The Spires of Saint-Nicolas walking tour takes you to the district to the west of the town, around the former Abbaye Saint-Laumer.

    2h average
  • Blois - The 'Fleur de lys' Tour

    Length of the route : 2.0 km

    The Fleur de Lys walk takes you on a tour of the Le Puits Châtel district, home to a cluster of Renaissance-style private townhouses (hôtels particuliers).

    2h difficult
  • Blois - The Gabarre tour

    Length of the route : 3.1 km

    The “gabarre” (a flat-bottomed boat used to transport goods along the river) tour heads to the Vienne district on the other side of the Loire.

  • Blois - 'The Porcupine' tour

    Length of the route : 1.9 km

    The Porcupine tour, the animal chosen as an emblem by Louis XII, takes in some of the town’s private townhouses (hôtels particuliers) as well as the gardens of the château.

    2h average