Biodiversity at the ZooParc in Beauval

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A new natural area with lions, prairie dogs and meerkats opened at the Beauval ZooParc in 2017

Yuan Meng, the baby panda, star of the ZooParc in Beauval. © Beauval

The largest zoological park in France

Since opening more than 35 years ago, the ZooParc at Beauval has grown, until it is today the biggest zoological park in France, with 10,000 animals of more than 600 species. It is, unsurprisingly, one of the most visited tourist sites in the Loire Valley.​

The park is home to the animals we know and love - the big cats (including white tigers), rhinos and orangutans, but also houses species of great rarity, such as manatees and the pair of pandas, unique in France, who gave birth to a much-anticipated baby on August 4, 2017 - Yuan Meng!

In 2017 the "Land of Lions" opened. In an impressive 35-hectare setting, the animals can be observed in natural zones designed specifically to reproduce their home environment. This new space covering 5,300 square metres has been developed to offer the felines a true African plain.

In this recreated savannah, where acacias, palms and cacti grow, the lions and their cubs are free to roam. They share the enclosure with a pack of painted dogs, a group of meerkats and the amazing mole rats. An expanse of water fed by a waterfall forms a natural border, which is very pleasant for both visitors and animals alike. A glass tunnel allows visitors get right up close to the beasts safely!

Koalas at Beauval. © ZooParc de Beauval

Events at the zoo

In addition to its greenhouses, ponds and wooded areas where koalas, snow leopards or chameleons frolic, the ZooParc offers ten events throughout the day, presenting its different inhabitants from around the world. Among the stars are penguins, gorillas and hippos. For wide-eyed kids of all ages

Two of the daily shows also add a little magic to the air... and the water! Every day at "The Sea Lions Odyssey," you can marvel at the prowess the sea lions are capable of, and "The Masters of the Air" is a breathtaking ballet of birds. Installed in an aviary with 3,000 seats surrounded by foliage, spectators can admire the aerial dance of 400 birds, including pelicans, storks, ibis and the majestic birds of prey.

Ideally, you'll need two days to fully enjoy the different spaces of the ZooParc de Beauval, not least to get a feel for its role as an invaluable space for global biodiversity and a resource for public education. Curious visitors will find a wealth of information on the species that populate the park, and can participate in workshops and activities, following our themed guide books. You can even sponsor your favourite animal or become a zookeeper for a day!

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