Children's visits in the Loire Valley

Another way to visit Blois-Chambord

The châteaux of the Loire are always a source of wonder for our youngest visitors

A Unesco World Heritage site since 2000, the Loire Valley is a spectacular place to visit, and also has lots of activities for children, to give them as memorable a time as the grown-ups. Here are some of the things they say...

Mon'ti train at Les Montils. © Blois Chambord Tourist Office

Robert and the Little Train  

"Now I know how a train works!"

"Yesterday, I went to “Mon’ti train” with Grandpa George, in a big park where you can ride on little carriages pulled by a steam train that are smaller than the one that grandpa drove when he was a railwayman as he says but otherwise it's the same.

He told me how it works and showed me the fireplace and the boiler and the connecting rods and that. We went under a tunnel I learned a lot of stuff and after, we played on the playground, it was good."

Robert, 6 Mon’ti train - Les Montils

"Château des énigmes" at Fréteval. © Blois Chambord Tourist Office

Dorothy and the riddles of the château

"It's really special, this château!"

"Mum and Dad told us that this château was special! Me and my little brother Robert don't like historical monuments, but it was great! We had to solve a puzzle like a treasure hunt where there were hidden clues in the château.

We had to follow the robbers in the forest and since the clues are easier for the younger children, Robert worked it out before me. He was very proud, but I will have my revenge, they said that they often change the clues"

Dorothy, 10. The Château des Énigmes – Fréteval

Birds of prey at the ZooParc de Beauval. © OTBC

Isadora and the ZooParc de Beauval

"My trip to faraway lands"

"I felt the power of the white tigers, crossed the eyes of a snake, smiled at the noisy jumping of the chimpanzees, I saw the astonishing okapi, the strange manatee and the lazy koala. I dreamed with the snow leopard with its white fur spotted with black circles, and which can live up to fifteen thousand feet altitude. I simply melted in front of the giant pandas from China and their baby.

The park is huge, we travelled from one continent to another, Africa and Asia ... To really have the time to enjoy it, we had a chalet on the site. The next day we saw the new bird show.

I was spellbound by the incredible sight of pelicans, cranes, storks, ibises and birds of prey twirling in the air. A wonderful trip to unknown lands, all in one place at the ZooParc in Beauval, one of the most beautiful in the world - I'll keep it as one of my most magical memories."

Isadora, 16, ZooParc de Beauval