Escape Games

New - Blois and Amboise join the game!

A château makes an ideal backdrop for escape games!

The châteaux form a magnificent setting for the exciting and popular Escape Game format 

The Château des Enigmes in Fréteval was some way ahead of the current fashion, having proposed an adventure game within its walls for several years. Today it hosts a modern Escape Game on the theme "The Entrance Exam for Academy of Wizards of Rocheux"
For those still wondering what an Escape Game is, the Chateau des Enigmes explains everything on its website.

A game equal to the the heritage setting it occupies, the Chateau of Enigmas is also worth playing several times - there's always something new. The Château de Blois housed the first modern escape game in May 2018, creating a game perfectly suited to the history of its walls - you find yourself in 1588, and have to foil the plans of King Henry III, who plans to assassinate the Duke of Guise (see details).

In a huge room in the château, covering 160 square metres, up to 12 people can participate in the investigation. The price includes a full tour of the château after the game.

Part of the attraction is the return to games without screens, using your brain power and reasoning abilities to find the keys to the chest that hides the deadly plans of the King. The mechanics of thought required are not obvious at first, which is what makes these games such a success. The diversity of the clues, the originality and the complexity are the hallmarks of a great Escape Game.

The Master of Games at Amboise

Foil the plot of Amboise!

From summer 2018, the Escape Game at the Château d'Amboise is open to all. The play area is a little smaller than that of Blois, mostly taking place in a sort of cell after the games master has come to pick you up, then leading to a maze of corridors and passages usually closed to the public. From 4 to 6 players (choose your own teams) whose task is to find the plotters against the King. In one hour it will all be too late!

The game is highly inventive, with lots of diabolical mechanisms and unexpected consequences. Only thirty percent of players successfully foil the plot and escape at the first attempt - which is why almost everyone comes back for more!

Try to up the percentage yourself!