Green areas and gardens in Blois

Chill and nature

Blois is certainly a city of art and history, but it is also a city of gardens as the magnificent rose garden of the Evéché or the garden of the Roy

The gardens of the Roy. © Thierry Bourgoin

Certified " Four Flowers " since 1997, Blois is a green city. Its numerous parks and gardens are carefully maintained, in a concern of sustainable development, real model on the subject.

Among these green areas, certain are particularly remarkable because of their location and because of their history, as the magnificent gardens of the former Evêché, which today surround the city hall and offer a magnificent panorama of the city and the Loire.

Hundreds of roses

From May 15th till September 30th, on the low terrace, the Rose garden offers a real symphony of colors, from the white to the orange, color up to the red and the purple, with a rose created specially for the place, the variety " Rose garden of  Blois”, of a brilliant fuchsia. Every type of rosebush was chosen for its appearance but also for its flavor. Get ready for a pure olfactive delight! And close by, the garden of the senses will delight you too: designed by a class of schoolchildren, it abounds in plants intended to stimulate the sense of smell and other senses of the visitors.

The gardens of the royal castle

The gardens of the Roy surround the royal castle. Originally created by Louis XII, they were the first gardens the Renaissance in France and were formerly intended for the culture of fruits, vegetables and healing plants. The landscape painter Gilles Clément reorganized the space in 1992, creating three historic atmospheres: Middle Ages, the Renaissance and classical period. Admire lilies, iris and hémérocalles of the garden of the royal flowers, but also the aromatic and condiment plants of the garden of the simple. To welcome what every season has to offer, these gardens are opened every day of the year.

The House of the Park

This former farm situated in the heart of the park of Arrou is since 2007 a space dedicated to the garden, to the nature and to the landscape. All year long, activities and workshops are organized there, to learn to create a massif of long-lived, to cook the wild plants of season, or to create a kitchen garden. You will also find there a library and a game library dedicated to the vegetable world.

The House of the Park is opened every Wednesday from 10 am to noon and from 2 pm till 5 pm. Phone: +33 2 54 43 56 44