New! Virtual historical reconstructions

Blois and Chambord

A virtual tour with your tablet, visiting the history of the Châteaux of the Loire in the time of the Kings

Two great châteaux of the Loire have developed tablet apps to revive the History of France

The Château de Chambord was the first to set up the digital hardware, in association with Histopad, a company specialising in virtual historical content. An amazing and novel way for visitors to listen to a narration or scan the rooms to see them as they were in former times.

Far from being a gadget, the result is astounding - turn the in any direction and see scenes of the time you have chosen come to life. The whole family can experience and enjoy life in Chambord as it was lived by the kings. Unlike today, the château was arranged according to the needs of its inhabitants. you'll learn that the larger rooms have undergone many changes, and are not always furnished with beautiful furniture, but much more often hosed trestle tables, with straw on the ground and weapons, or food for banquets.

There's no way of describing adequately the extraordinary time-travel effect of the experience with the sound effects alone. The three-dimensional soundscape of the fire in the grate, and the hubbub of the comings and goings of hundreds of people.

Easy to use, the tablet knows where you are and which way it is pointing, always delivering an immersive experience As you walk around, you can find out more about the works of art and furniture you see by simply clicking the screen - the only limit is your curiosity!

IN 2018, the Château de Blois also equipped itself with a virtual tablet experience, with a light background soundscape rather than a headset, to allow families and groups to share their experience more easily. No extra charge, available in 8 languages.

The magic telescope

Located on the Place du Château in Blois, near the Maison de la Magie, terminal equipped with special binoculars allows you to project yourself into the history of the château - quite precisely April 25 1429, when Joan of Arc arrived, and had her standard blessed at the Church of St Sauveur in Blois.