The Château de Montmarin

On the heights of the Braye

A beautiful house built in the 17th century, the Château de Montmarin overlooks the Braye valley, with its chapel, stable, kitchen garden and dovecote

Listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments, the Château de Montmarin was built in the seventeenth century and is notable for having remained in the Montmarin family ever since.

You'll be absolutely charmed by the warm and refined family atmosphere, and the beauty of the view over the Braye Valley.

In a truly remarkable setting, the Château de Montmarin offers outdoor spaces for hire for all types of events.

The castle of Montmarin in Sargé-sur-Braye. © OTBC

A rectangular courtyard open to the west is bounded by the château, its common areas and the chapel.

The characteristic architecture of the second half of the 17th century can be seen in the layout of the buildings, with mansarded roofs and pavilions, corniches in the "roussin" style on the courtyard side and tufa limestone decorations on the southern side.

The majestic staircases, with carved wooden railings, also date from the 17th century.