The Château du Moulin

The pearl of Sologne

Built on the site of a feudal castle, the Château du Moulin has preserved the architectural values of Franco-Italian art over the years

The Château de Moulin, "Pearl of the Sologne" was built between 1480 and 1502 by Jacques de Persigny, architect of the Court of Philippe du Moulin, childhood companion and military captain of King Charles VIII, who he saved during the battle of Fornova in 1495.

Half way between a castle and a stately home, the château has become a unique family home, fully furnished and equipped. You might feel like moving in while you discover all the treasures of the Loire Valley, as it is so immediately homely.

The woods around the buildings, and the large vegetable garden which hosts about forty varieties of strawberry plants, are an invitation to an afternoon's walk.

Built in 1480 by Philippe du Moulin, squire and lord of the manor, the Château du Moulin is nestled between woods and meadows, flourishes its towers of pink brick and slate turrets in its reflections in the moat.

Hidden from view for most of your approach, it suddenly comes into view at the end of an alley lined with hundred-year-old trees. Spectacular!

The "Conservatoire de la fraise" strawberries