The Maison des Vins, Chambord

The "House of Wine"

The Maison des Vins de Chambord proposes an of innovative and exciting concept in wine tasting for the AOC Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny wines

Inside the Maison des vins at Chambord. © Sophie Manuel

Chambord, its château, its towering chimneys, its grandiose staircase, the Cosson canal, the forest, the deer and wild boars. Chambord has also recently planted its own vineyard. While the vines are maturing, it’s the neighbours, the AOCs of Cheverny and Cour-Cheverny, which you'll appreciate drinking here. A very young appellation (25 years in 2018), which is becoming better-known each year, as is more and more the case for the typical "Loire" wines which accompany game and local produce so well.

Twenty-six winemakers of the thirty-three within the the appellation area, have come together to open the Maison des Vins on the Place Saint-Louis in Chambord. Based on the successful experience of the Maison des Vins at Cheverny, near the château, which opened in 2010. The tasting concept has been improved and refined.

Fifty-two wines are offered for tasting in innovative and exciting way. A free "selection of the day" with five wines is renewed every week on, for which Quentin Pennaneach, the sommelier, presents the taste qualities (of course), but also the history of the the vineyards and the stories that accompany them.

Discover the AOC wines at the Maison des vins, Chambord. © © Blois Chambord Tourist Office

A digital tasting platform

The most fascinating innovation is undoubtedly the tasting platform. Using a pre-loaded magnetic card (6€ for five wines), visitors can taste one of the 52 wines offered for tasting.

Just place the glass under the tap, touch the screen, and you're treated to a wealth of information on the wine you have chosen the appellation, blends, breeding, a photo of the bottle, the soil type, the cellar time, the price, all available in English as well as in French. Other languages will be added soon.

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