Where's Ben?

The Foundation of Doubt, Blois

The Foundation of Doubt, open since 2013 in Blois, brings together a collection of astonishing works from all over the world

A unique gallery

Exhibition gallery, Foundation of Doubt© Thierry Bourgoin

A playful and iconoclastic foundation

The Foundation's collection demonstrates the movement's creed, which is to abolish boundaries between art and life, in a provocative way and good humour.

Among them are car doors equipped with motors driving hammers (Wolf Vostell), black and white photographs accompanied by a soundtrack (Robert Watts), a table tennis table surrounded by snowshoes (George Maciunas), a marble Buddha facing a camera (Nam June Paik), plastic boxes with printed labels and various objects (Ben), a manuscript by Yoko Ono, and lots more.

These works, each more surprisingly meh than the last, have a mission to surprise you, make you think, lead you to new perspectives. Here, art meets art, art questions art and, more than anything, art arts art.

A unique café - unlike any other!

A giant treasure hunt...

Thirty enamelled plates distributed around the city questioning life, happiness, power, love ...

Will you find the logic in their locations?

The answer is to be found at the Foundation of Doubt, and we bet you'll be surprised!